Durag US Bandana

Durag US Bandana


The US Durag Bandana is the perfect fit for your hair

< span id="p0">Routinely, we’ve heard people complain that their< span> < span id="4" class="s-rg-t"> durag< span> were damaging their< span> hair, but< span> also left marks on their hair or skin.< span id="p1">< span>It happened to us too, and that’s why we chose to create our own brand to bring you the< span> < span id="6" class="s-rg-t"> durags< span> perfect for your skull and hair!< span id="p2">< span> With this model that is stretchy and comfortable, you< span> are sure to keep your hair looking perfect.< br>

What is the best way to wear this US Durag

< span id="p24">To put it on properly, you need to roll it up and tie it on your skull. Position it well and tightly enough (but not too tight)< span id="p25">on your hair so that it doesn’t leave any creases and isn’t too tight for your comfort.< span id="p26">< span> Next, for fashion tips, you are advised to wear this type of< span> < span id="28"> durag< span> very colorful with clothes that are also colorful so as not to mismatch and have a colorful style assumed.< span id="p27">< span>If the idea of being too flashy doesn’t suit you, you can choose a black outfit and wear this< span> < span id="29"> durag< span> US as the major asset< span> of your< span> < span id="31"> outfit.

Sublimate waves with our durag< br>

When you have brushed your hair to get beautiful waves, it’s time to choose the right silk durag to fit your head shape and waves. You need to flatten your hair to make the waves hold and have a beautiful haircut.< br>

< ul>

  • Silk durag
  • Extensible so it won’t damage your cut
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended