Durag Silver

Durag Silver


Silver durag is great for your hair

< span id="p0">< span>Too often, we have heard from people disappointed with their< span> < span id="4" class="s-rg-t"> durags that< span> were damaging their< span> hair, but< span> also left marks on their skin or hair.< span id="p1">< span>This happened to us as well, which is why we were keen to create our own brand to bring you the< span> < span id="6" class="s-rg-t"> durags< span> perfect for your hair and head!< span id="p2">< span> With this accessory that is stretchy and comfortable, you< span> will keep a perfect haircut.< br>

How to put on this silver durag?

< span id="p24">To put it on properly, you need to roll it up and tie it on your head.< span id="p25">< span> Position it well on your hair so it doesn’t leave any creases, but don’t make it too tight for your comfort, you need to find the right balance.< span id="p26">< span> Next, in terms of fashion, we recommend that you wear this< span> < span id="28"> durag< span> very colorful to stand out with clothes that will be colorful as well.< span id="p27">< span> If this is not your style, you can also dress up with black clothes and wear this< span> < span id="29"> durag< span> silver as the< span> master< span> of your< span> < span id="31"> outfit.

Modeling waves with our durag< br>

When you’re done brushing your hair and it’s ready to make gorgeous waves, then you owe it to yourself to have a spandex durag to fit over all head shapes and your waves. You need to flatten your hair to make the waves hold and have a top notch cut.< br>

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  • Silk durag
  • Extensible so it won’t damage your cut
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended