Durag Women’s Bandana

Durag Women’s Bandana


< h2>Protect and enhance your waves with this Women’s Durag Bandana.

In hair salons, we heard many women complain about their Durag because it left marks on their face, ruined their hair or because it didn’t last over time. After having the same concerns, we decided to launch our own brand. Our goal? To control ourselves the quality of our bandanas and a unique know-how so that your hair is finally treated as it deserves.< /p>

How to put the Durag Bandana Woman?

You probably know it, but you have to position your Durag in the middle of your head, stretching it enough to flatten your waves and not have any creases but leaving a little slack for your comfort. However don’t worry, our bandana is made of spandex and it guarantees you comfort even if you have stretched your Durag well.

We recommend you to wear this bandana with dark colored clothes or with white, if you really want to highlight your waves and the accessory you wear on your head.

This bandana guarantees you pretty, long-lasting waves.

This durag with oriental colors will ensure that you don’t waste your many hours in your bathroom and at your hairdresser’s to take care of your hair. Flatten your waves with this durag, and your long hair will have never been so blooming.

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  • Spandex durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t damage your cut
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended