Durag Satin Bandana

Durag Satin Bandana


< h2 data-mce-fragment="1">Start with your style using this Durag Satin Bandana.

After getting tired of having problems with our hair and finding that the problem kept coming back to our loved ones, we decided to create our own brand so that we could keep an eye on the quality of materials. We also test our bandanas ourselves.< /p>

This Durag satin will be pleasant to wear thanks to its soft material, it will maintain your waves without assaulting your hair. The material is made not to leave marks on your skin even after a long day of work. The blue color of Durag reminds the blue of the starry nights. Its checkered pattern is unique and all the dots coming together are bright and will add a touch of color to your outfit.

Take care of your haircut with this Satin Durag Bandana.

With this durag, no more ruined haircuts in a day. It’s designed to flatten your hair just right while letting it breathe. The strong, breathable material will allow you to spend a pleasant day without having to worry about the condition of your waves every hour. Wearing our durag is a guarantee of a long-lasting haircut.

How to wear our Durag?

Just put it in the middle of your head, then in the tender, being careful to flatten your hair while remaining comfortable for you, and without leaving any creases, then roll it up. The spandex material of our durag will allow you to have a good elasticity to stretch it while maintaining its comfort.< /p>

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  • Spandex Durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t ruin your fit
  • Fun to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended