Durag Tickets

Durag Tickets


Protect your waves with this Durag Billets straight out of the US rap videos!

After listening to the many complaints about damaged hair or ruined cuts and the general needs of the people who wear Durag, we decided to create our own brand to have control over the quality of the material and test our bandanas ourselves.

This Durag will highlight your originality because with it, we guarantee you what daring choice will attract all eyes on your strong personality. Do you feel ready to challenge the looks?

Have a long-lasting haircut with this Durag Tickets.< /h3>

Avoid wasting your time spent at the barber shop and all your efforts in the bathroom brushing your hair. With this Durag, flatten your hair and maintain your cut for a long time. We chose silk because it’s a comfortable and breathable material that won’t damage your cut. Your waves deserve the best bandanas.< /p>

Wear your bandana with class.

If you need advice on how to put on your durag, here’s how to do it: put it in the middle of your head, stretch it so that it flattens your waves and doesn’t leave any creases. Then wrap it around your head and you’re done. Now you have a stylish bandana to show off your outfit and your waves.< /p>

  • Silk Durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t ruin your fit
  • ./li>

  • Friendly to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended