Durag White Woman

Durag White Woman


< h2>If you are looking for an accessory to tie on your head with floral patterns, this White Women’s Durag will be perfect for you.

This silk durag will be a real blessing for your hair thanks to its stretchy and breathable material that will not assault your hair. Its mostly red color with golden floral patterns make it a real fashion accessory.

It was after hearing your comments and feedback from our friends and family that we realized that it was difficult to find good durags in physical stores. Many times, they don’t last over time and they are plain, which doesn’t make you want to wear them to go out.< /p>

So, we decided to create our own brand. We control our fabrics to keep only the best. We offer only durags made of stretchy material, which are comfortable to wear and won’t leave marks on your face. In addition, we work with designers to bring you durags with unique patterns, so that everyone can identify with the durag they wear.

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What clothes to wear with this durag?

this durag is all-purpose, you can wear it with any kind of clothing.

We recommend wearing it with a dark or black outfit if you want the attention of others to be on your face.

If you prefer to keep the style nice and consistent, we recommend wearing colors like red or a color close to it.

On what occasion to wear the White Woman Durag.

This durag is perfect for going out for a walk while having your hair protected from the bad weather.

It will also be a real plus for your look when you go out with your friends for a night out.

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  • Silk Durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t ruin your fit
  • Fun to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended