Durag Silk Woman

Durag Silk Woman


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Find an accessory that’s gentle on your hair with this Women’s Silk Durag.

With its silk material, this Durag won’t damage your hair, quite the opposite. In addition, the material of our durag is stretchy and will provide you with foolproof comfort. With its shimmering gray color, highlight your pretty hair and attract the eyes of others on your style.

After taking into account the remarks of people wearing the during the bandana on the fact that they left traces on the head or that it did not protect well the waves, we decided to create our brand to work a material always at the top, which we test ourselves every day.

In what context to wear the Durag Woman in Silk?

No need for a pretext to wear the Durag! The durag is a daily ally in allowing your flattened hair to keep its moisture and therefore its softness to the touch. It will also protect your haircut from all the outside elements.

The durag makes “dressed up”. So you can wear it both for walking down the street and to bring a little extra to your outfit at a party calling for a proper dress required.

What outfit to wear with my Durag?< /h3>

This durag will look great with a dark outfit to showcase your beautiful cut and bring people’s attention to your face. Wear this silk durag for a little something extra in your look, with the added comfort of silk so you don’t feel compressed and tackle your day calmly.

  • Silk durag
  • Extensible so it won’t ruin your fit
  • Friendly to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended