Durag Woman pattern

Durag Woman pattern


< h2>To all those who think Durag is made for men, prove them wrong with this Durag Women’s Pattern.< br>

Bring out your femininity and softness with this durag. Floral patterns are always in style and will make a beautiful decoration around your head. The colors will evoke the softness you show in everyday life.

The reason
we decided to create our own brand of Durag is because, like you, we were having problems finding quality Durags in the market. They are often plain and do not hold up over time. With a control of the design of the Durags, we make sure of the quality of the fabrics we work with and we rigorously test our bandanas ourselves on a daily basis.

What clothes to wear with my Durag Women’s Pattern?

Light colors or white will work very well with this Durag to bring out your calmness and softness.

this durag is all-purpose, you can also wear black or dark clothes with it.

In what circumstances should you wear the Durag?

This durag is perfect for all circumstances! Whether you want to go out for a walk without having to worry about your haircut, or if you want to wear an original accessory around your head to shine with your style, the Durag will be a great ally to complete your outfit.

Forget about the hassle of bad weather, go out with your hair effectively protected with our Durag.

  • Silk Durag
  • Extensible so it won’t ruin your cut
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  • Friendly to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended