Durag Women Black

Durag Women Black


< h2>Bring your own touch of style if you like to dress in black with this Women’s Durag Black.

With dark clothes, dare to use colorful patterns! The mostly purple colors of this Durag will give your black clothes a bit of a boost. Our Durag will be able to cover all your long hair thanks to its stretchy material and its special wide cut at the bottom.< /p>

After taking into account our own remarks and those of our entourage on the bandanas, especially in terms of quality, we decided to create our own durags to have control over the quality of the material we work. Our daily tests allow us to keep a close eye on the design of our durags.

What are the benefits of wearing the Black Women’s Durag?< /h3>

First of all, you’ll have a real plus in the feel of your hair. Flattening your hair with a Durag keeps your hair moisturized so that it stays silky for a long time and you can maximize the effort you put into maintaining your haircut.< /p>

Following that, it’s practical for everyday use. To go out without having any worries about your hair, tie a Durag around your head and your hair will be protected from the outside elements.< /p>

The Durag Women’s Black is only worn with a Black outfit?

It is true that this Durag will look best with a black outfit, but dark clothes are just fine as long as they are less colorful than the Durag. Go out and forget about your hair issues with this Durag!< /p>

  • Satin Durag
  • Extensible so it won’t ruin your cut
  • ./li>

  • Pleasant to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended