Durag Pink Flower

Durag Pink Flower


< h2>Who said floral patterns were only for women? Prove otherwise with this Pink Flower Durag.< /h2>

This durag in bright red and black colors will bring a nice touch of color to your outfit. This durag will allow you to bring a nice touch of life to your outfit. Protect your hair while having great comfort thanks to the Durag’s stretchy silk that will flatten your hair without being too tight.

After hearing your feedback about how good durags are hard to find in stores and don’t last long, we decided to start our own brand. So, we carefully choose the quality fabrics we work with and offer bandanas with original designs so that everyone can find the right durag for them.

What outfit to wear with the Pink Flower Durag?

With this Durag, you can wear different types of clothes. By wearing a white outfit, you will emphasize your face and waves while if you put on a black outfit, you will have a more homogeneous style with still the color brought by the Durag.

Where to wear this Durag?

This Durag will be perfectly suitable for your evening clothes, it will give that original touch to stand out, so you can leave a memorable memory with your entourage!

This durag will also suit if you like to look your best no matter what time of day it is, even if you are in a rather chill moment.

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  • Silk durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t ruin your fit
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended