Durag Pattern

Durag Pattern


< h2>Enjoy the light colors of this Durag Pattern and protect your hair with it.

If you’re a durag
wearer, you’ve probably already wanted to wear a durag with color, so you can have a true fashion accessory rather than just a practical one. With pale colors and floral patterns, you’ll finally be able to find the durag that suits you!

The reason we decided to start our own brand is because we know how hard it is to find good bandanas in stores. Most of them are plain and don’t feel like being worn to go out.< /p>

That’s why we rigorously select the fabrics we work with, so that we can offer you quality, stretchy durags so you can enjoy the comfort. We work on unique designs so that we can offer you durags that perfectly reflect your style.

Who is the Durag Pattern
made for?

The durag pattern is made for all women who want to protect their hair from bad weather or sun rays that dry out the hair while staying true to their style.

The durag is also made for all those who are looking for a fashion accessory that will make them stand out from all the others with their look.

What outfit to wear with the Durag Pattern?

If you want attention to be drawn to your entire outfit, we recommend wearing light colored clothes.

If you prefer that draw attention to your hair and face, we recommend wearing black clothes.

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  • Silk Durag
  • Extensible so as not to damage your cut
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended