Durag Pink

Durag Pink


< h2>Lend your feminine touch to your style with this Pink Durag.

If you find your outfit lacking a bit of your favorite color, this pink Durag is perfect. It will reconcile pink with your outfit for a harmonious mix of colors, without overdoing it.

After noticing that quality Durags
were hard to come by in stores and online, we decided to create our brand with the goal of making Durag easy to access, and from a specialist! We work with materials carefully chosen by our teams and we test we subject our Durags to many tests every day.

What outfit to wear with my Pink Durag?

If you want the attention of those around you to focus on your beautiful hair and face, we recommend wearing black clothes to make the pink stand out from the rest.

If you prefer the Durag not to stand out too much from the rest, you can put on light clothes like light blue which will work well with pink.

Why to wear Pink Durag?

The Durag, in addition to being a little extra in terms of clothing that should not be neglected, provides many benefits to your hair. Did you know. A durag tied around the head helps to:

– Keep your hair moisturized for a long-lasting cut and hair that stays silky longer.

– Protect your hair from being damaged by bad weather.

– Keep your hair from becoming greasy by sponging up perspiration from your scalp if you play sports or do hard work.

With Durag Rose, take care of your hair the way it deserves.

  • Satin Durag
  • Extensible so it won’t damage your cut
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  • Pleasant to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended