Durag Red White

Durag Red White


< h2>If you want to add some color to your outfit while protecting your hair, go for the Red White Durag!

This durag will delight those who love to dress up with color. The durag has a white background decorated with many red patterns. The stretchy silk material will give you great comfort when you tie it around your head and you will forget as the day goes on that you are wearing it!

The reason why we created our own brand is because we understood the problems that one can encounter when looking for bandanas. It’s hard to get them in stores, and even harder when it comes to finding quality or original designs. That’s why
we’ve taken the design of original Durags into our
own hands and work with carefully chosen material.

When to wear the Red White Durag?

Any occasion is a good one to wear a Durag. It adds a little extra to your outfit and protects your waves effectively against bad weather, or when playing sports or doing physical work.

It will also be a great ally at parties to make you stand out to others. Become the center of attraction with your unmistakable look!

Make your hair stronger with Durag.

Flatting your waves with a Durag means retaining moisture in the hair to keep it silky and soft longer.

Also, if you play sports or work in a factory, the Durag will not only protect your cut, but also soak up your sweat, so you won’t get greasy hair.

Give your hair the care it deserves with this Durag France!

  • Silk Durag
  • Extensible so it won’t damage your cut
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  • Friendly to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended