Durag Silk

Durag Silk


Here’s our silk durag!

< span id="p10">Like you, we love< span> < span id="13"> durags< span> and while searching, we saw a lot of overly basic pieces that didn’t know how to stand out from the rest< span> < span id="14"> durags.< span id="p11">< span> For this reason, we decided to create our own brand in order to spread the< span> < span class="s-rg-t" id="15"> durag< span> in< span> < span class="s-rg-t" id="16"> france< span> in its finest form.< span id="p12">< span> This piece is made of silk and has a fruit pattern, perfect for summer!< br>

What to wear our silk durag

This one is a bit more technical, actually it depends on several things, first of all what you have in your wardrobe but also what kind of person you are! If you like to differentiate yourself and show how unique you are then this durag could very well be worn with a colorful or even flashy outfit.< br>

You can also decide to have a white stocking with an oversized
t-shirt that will come to give you an American style that perfectly matches what we can often see with a durag on the head!

The perfect durag for your waves

If you are
still reading you are probably wondering if this durag is suitable for your waves. Well the answer is YES. We go to great lengths to take care of your waves, that’s why our durags are stretchy so they don’t crush your cut but also tenacious so they don’t come off.< /p>
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  • Silk durag
  • Stretchy so as not to crush your cut
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended