Durag USA

Durag USA


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Protect your waves while showing your passion for the United States with this Durag USA.

With this durag, show how passionate you are about America. The land of hip-hop, which itself brought the Durag into fashion, this is a true return to rap’s roots that you can bring back into the mainstream!

If we founded our own brand, it’s because we know how complicated it can be to find a good durag in physical stores, which combines both quality and originality.

That’s why we rigorously select the fabrics we work with, in order to guarantee you a durag that’s going to last over time and that will be fun to wear. We work with designers to offer you a durag that will have a unique style, and that everyone can find the bandana that looks like him.

What outfit
to wear with the Durag USA?

This durag is perfect for anyone who loves streetwear style.

Black clothing will allow you to show off your waves and your face.

If you prefer the eyes to be on your entire outfit, white or blue clothes will be perfect to look your best.

In what circumstances to wear the Durag USA?

This durag looks very “dressy”, so don’t hesitate to put it on during parties and impress your entourage with your new style! Become the center of attraction at the party with the Durag USA.< /p>
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  • Silk Durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t ruin your cut
  • Friendly to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended