Durag Purple

Durag Purple


< h2>Put a splash of color into your outfit with the Purple Durag.

With this durag, bring life to your entire outfit. Dare to wear a durag in an original color. If boldness is what defines you, this Durag will be perfect for you and to highlight your waves.

If we decided to found our own brand, it is because we took into account your thoughts and those of our relatives about the fact that durags were hard to find in physical stores, and that it was complicated to get quality. Our brand is the assurance of a fabric carefully chosen by our team and on which we work to allow us to offer you durags with unique patterns.< /p>

Apart from the style, what does the purple Durag
bring me?

The durag, by flattening your hair, allows you to keep the moisture of your hair. Thus, you keep your hair soft and silky for a longer time.

Thanks to Purple Durag, you will protect your waves effectively against bad weather, but also against the sun’s rays that dry your hair.

If you have to wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle or a bike, the durag will allow you to protect your haircut and you will be able to have a blast without worrying.

What outfit to wear with my Purple Durag?

With this Durag we recommend a black outfit that will be perfect to highlight your face and your waves. Otherwise, light colors such as white or blue are just fine.< /p>

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  • Satin Durag

  • Extendable so as not to damage your cut

  • ./p>

  • Pleasant to wear

  • Perfect for waves

  • Wash: hand wash recommended