Durag Waves

Durag Waves


< h2>Preserve your haircut with this Durag Waves!”

Enrich your outfit with a nice touch of blue and black color while protecting your waves with this Durag. This accessory will allow you to complete your wardrobe in streetwear style clothing. These pretty and flashy colors will allow you to be the center of attention wherever you are.< /p>

It is by taking into account your remarks and the requests of our relatives towards the durags that we decided to found our own brand. In physical stores, durags tend to be of poor quality and in one color.< /p>

To address this, we rigorously select our fabrics to offer you a material that will last over time and stretch so that it is comfortable to wear. We work with designers to bring you unique durags, so everyone can find the right durag for them in just a few clicks.

Stronger hair with Durag Waves

The main benefit of Durag for your hair is that it retains water in your hair, so it stays moisturized, and soft for longer.

Durag protects your hair from bad weather and sun rays that can dry out your hair.

When you do physical activity or rhythmic work, you sweat. The durag sponges up your sweat and will prevent your hair from becoming greasy.

Styling at its best with the Durag waves

In addition to being a great ally in protecting your hair, this brightly colored durag will put some color in your outfit and it will become a real asset to your look!

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  • Satin durag
  • Extensible so it won’t ruin your cut
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Washing: hand wash recommended