Durag Zebra

Durag Zebra


< h2>Go out decked out in a never-before-seen accessory with this Durag Zebra.

Surprise your loved ones and passersby on the street with this Durag. To wear a pattern like this, you need to have a modern fashion concept. Gone are the days of wearing plain Durags just to protect your hair, now it should be a fashion accessory that will become the right asset to your outfit!

We created our brand after noticing that the Durags sold in shops were of poor quality, but also unoriginal. We were tired of ending up with drab Durags with only one color. Now that we have a handle on our pieces, we aim to develop original Durags that are respectful of your hair.

What to wear with my Zebra Durag?

This Durag is practical because it can be worn with any type of outfit. However, we recommend that you do not wear clothes that are too colorful as these may be mismatched with your Durag.

In what circumstances should I wear this Durag Zebra?< /h3>

This Durag will allow you to impress the gallery at a party or evening. Your friends and family might be jealous of your original style and the durag tied around your head. At a party, you may be asked about the origin of your Durag. You are free to tell them… Or keep the secret to yourself!

If you like to look good in any circumstance, this Durag can also be worn on a walk.

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  • Silk Durag
  • Stretchy so it won’t ruin your fit
  • Fair to wear
  • Perfect for waves
  • Wash: hand wash recommended